Ystradgynlais Public Band - joining the Band

We are always keen to welcome new players.  Anyone who's interested in joining the Band, from the first-time musician to the veteran performer (or anywhere in between) is invited to get in touch or pay us a visit.

We currently have vacancies across the band, with a core membership of fifteen players supplemented by friends and returning members who have moved out of the area.

Players of any instrument are very welcome to join, as some of our members can move to other instruments to accommodate new players if this will help to improve the overall balance of the band.

The Band are determined to offer free tuition, free membership and free instrument use to anyone who'd like to become a member and embark on an adventure into the exciting world of music making,  as we're aware that there are limited opportunities for people to learn to play a musical instrument in the local area, unless they are willing and able to pay a lot of money for the privilege.  If you haven't played a brass instrument before, they come in several shapes and sizes and we can match you to the instrument that's likely to suit you best - and we provide all of this free of charge!

Ystradgynlais Band - South Wales Evening Post, January 2012
Ystradgynlais Public Band: Conductor - Alex Parker

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